Consumer Warning

Beware of Letters Offering Quick Returns
for Cashing a Check

Click on the link above for more information. Our company rarely, if ever, conducts mystery shops involving check cashing or money transfers. We never ask shoppers to send us money. If someone posing as a representative of our company ever contacts you with a cashier's check, call us before you try to cash the check ... it may be a scam!


How to Beat Your Competition


Mystery Shopping – detailed and objective

Evaluate your locations and your competitions’

  • Compare your scores with competitors head-to-head
  • Results are automatically turned into trends, information, and concepts
  • Measures practices, policies and procedures
  • Mirrors customer experiences
  • Ranks staff and location performance
  • Targets areas for improvement

Customer Surveys – quick, “gut-feel”

Responses give you an overview of your customer’s reactions

  • Use “Push-Pull” marketing techniques
  • Deliver an on line surveys to your customers via e-mail
    • Push a survey to a targeted customer group (i.e. one time purchasers, first time, lapsed)
    • Pull a survey by linking on your website or displaying QR codes
  • Results are automatically tabulated
  • Receive real time answers and reports


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